our mission

Media is the web that connects us. With only a tap, we can see the worldwide news, face-time a person from the other side of the globe or share our stories for everyone to see. Without media, our consciousness with the world around us is limited.

We believe in the power of media and work towards creating awareness about the after effects of the European Refugee Crisis. In 2015, Europe experienced a high influx of migrants and refugees, all in the search of the rights inshrined in our legal laws. The majority of these people arrived through the Greek island of Lesvos, an island where the crisis hit the hardest and now hosts up to 10.000 refugees and counting.

With years of experience on the island, we dig deep into all the unseen aspects of the crisis, reveal the stories untold and listen to the voices unheard. We use media as our tool to educate and inform you about what is happening inside the borders of Europe. Our aim is to rise awareness about the crisis, and analyse wether or not the actions taken towards them are helpful, by researching and interviewing all actors involved.

We can’t change the rules, but we can change the social norms and together work towards a brighter future, using the most powerful weapon, – education. 

our projects

Where Borders Meet Media

We are a non-profit refugee media production studio based on the island of Lesvos. We work with freelancers and volunteers, to deliver media in multiple forms about the ongoing refugee crisis. Our media production consists of two different podcast series, articles, a magazine, photography, graphic design and short films. 


We aim to give the unheard a voice on social media. That’s why we train refugee’s media skills, by hosting media related workshops. We wish to help them share their stories, in order to humanise and moralise the well known term, ‘refugee’.

In cooperation with our partner organisation One Happy Family Community Centre, we give refugees a place away from the camp to learn new skills in media such as audio creation, video editing, graphic designing, photography, writing and the basic journalism skills.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

We need your support.

As a nongovernment organisation, we do not receive any official funding. Our organisation fully relies on private donations and support. We urgently need your help in order to continuously stay on the ground and do our research, as well as keeping our door open for refugees to come and learn new skills in media.
We deliver.
Your support is valuable to us. That's why we work hard to give back in our highest quality. We provide three different podcast series, a regular Refugee Journal Magazine, award winning videos and postcards from our photographs. Each donation comes with a gift of our physical content, as your support goes to our organisations expenses and directly to the content creators, which mostly are asylum seekers in Lesvos.
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- Yours sincerely, the Where Borders Meet team!

Hjørdis Kiara Zachariassen

Founder & Producer

Dianna Kasen

Creative Director & Writer

Rachell Pekelder

Co-Founder of Refugee Media Production & Journalist

Ahmad Ibrahima

Co-Founder of Refugee Media Production & Designer