photo Gallery

They say that pictures say more than a thousand words. In these series, you see the daily life from inside camp Moria. Our Co-Founder of Refugee Media Production, Ahmad Ibrahima, is like so many others, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Back home in his country, Ahmad was a tv-producer and a photographer. When Ahmad arrived to the island, he was taken to the camp where he lived for four months. In these months inside the camp, Ahmad got a new perspective. He had a vision and he had a goal, – to help others. Now he works everyday to help other refugees get a voice on social media. These photographs are taken by Ahmad from when he was living in the camp.

“Shooting for the stars.”

“We just arrived two weeks ago. This is our home for now.”

“Put yourself in our shoes.”

“We are failed by the institutions that were supposed to protect us.”

“We are always looking out for one another.”

“Keeping ourselves warm is a long and hard process.”

“Our dreams are limitless like the sky.”

“One of life’s many paths.”

“They can never put out the fire in our hearts.”

“I want to keep the memories from this place.”

“The warrior of peace.”

“Hanging in there.”

“I wonder what is on her mind.”

“A fabric forrest.”

“Forever waiting.”

“The circle of peace and creativity.”

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