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Welcome to the second edition of Refugee Journal. The last two months, have been extremely thriving and inspiring. As usual, our team of writers have been attending the weekly writing workshops in our studio in One Happy Family. Despite the difficulties they have dealt with in the passed, the battles they are fighting in the present and the struggles they will face in the future; our writers are determined to take part in every class.

They are resilient. But from where do they get the strength? A question we have asked ourselves numerous times. During a meeting one time, one of our students gave us the answer: ‘I believe a letter can change a nation. Writing empowers people. So in this case, empowers me.’

Let ’empowerment’ be the theme of this issue. This magazine features a wide range of subjects. From the power of music, to finding love in an inhumane existence, to starting a business in refugee camp Moria. But all with the same focus; taking back control in life. We hope you enjoy the second edition. We welcome new writers and new ideas from you, the reader, to expand and improve the ‘Refugee Journal’.

Refugees on Lesvos have a special benefit that most international journalists don’t have. That is access to true information within the community. They are the ones who can relate to the stories we are sharing. By giving refugees a voice, we hear the unfiltered stories from a first person point of view. This is very important in able to truly understand what is happening here.

Rachell Pekelder

Workshop host & editor

The writing team

Mohammad Rezaee, Designer

Mohammad Rezaee, Designer

“Graphic designing and coding is my passion. This is what I wish to do, and being a part of the Refugee Journal, gives me a chance to do that and help create awareness.”
Khodadad Mohammadi, Reporter

Khodadad Mohammadi, Reporter

“I chose the topic about feminism because women in my country, Afghanistan, are facing a lot of issues, so I wish to share this information. Women here are fighting hard for their rights, and some women don’t even know their rights here. I wish to encourage and help women to find their way and know their rights. This doesn’t mean that they have to take of their hijab and start drinking, no, I just want to encourage women to know that they can educate themselves and be a part of a nice community.”
Arif Dawlatyar, Reporter

Arif Dawlatyar, Reporter

“I wrote the article, ‘Football as a moral changer’, because I love sports, and I though Ibrahims story was interesting. He is a football coach, and I was curious to know more about his life and share his story. I think it’s empowering for other refugees. I am looking forward to keep writing for the Refugee Journal and keep learning more and more.”
Mustafa Mohammadi, Reporter

Mustafa Mohammadi, Reporter

“I started the workshop because I wanted to improve my english, but later I learned more journalism skills and I wanted to share a story that is happening here. Not many people have the true information about the situation. I chose the topic about the shops in Moria, because I think that working and being able to be independent is the best thing you can give a person. This gives people energy which is much needed in these difficult times.”
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