One Year Anniversary with where borders meet

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Hello, and welcome back!

The situation here in Lesvos, as well as the political changes here in Greece and around in Europe, are in constant motion. The reality on the ground changes by week and day by day. So we  thank you for your patience as we have investigated deep into the unfolding events here on the island, to ensure you with trustworthy and researched information.

This year, has been inspiring and thriving. We have expanded our media team and collected a great sum of well researched information, which we are excited to share with you from here on. So let’s kick off with a short round-up of all the things that have happened in our organisation this last year!

As we gather a lot of valuable information, it’s important for us to give back to the community as well.  Along with our partner organisation, One Happy Family, we are able to share our skills by hosting media related workshops for refugees, in order to give them a voice on social media.

Since summer of 2018, we have helped asylum seekers share their stories and ideas through media production. Beginning with just a podcasting workshop, Where Borders Meet has welcomed several international volunteers, who have come to share their skills to our students through media workshops. The production outcome has been two different podcast series, ‘One Happy Podcast’ and ‘Refugee Storytellers’, a bi-monthly magazine, ‘The Refugee Journal’, a collection of photographs, short films and posters from the currently active graphic designing workshop.

The end of each workshop has been celebrated with an open exhibit, where we showcase our production and thank the students for their great work. We invite visitors from all over the island to come and view the production art work and hand out certificates to those who participated throughout the whole workshop.

Our next open exhibit will be in our studio in One Happy Family on 26.07.19 from 2pm-7pm. Here, we will introduce you to posters and cover art from the graphic designing workshop, the second edition of 'The Refugee Journal' and the second episode of our podcast documentary, 'Where Borders Meet'.

What's Next

Starting as a podcast one year ago, we never would have imagined how our organisation would expand into a multi media refugee production studio, and to tell you the truth, we couldn’t be happier about it! This is why we are happy to announce ‘Where Borders Meet’ as a media house, that creates and collects content about, and with refugees

Now with an established website and plenty of content, we will make sure to keep you updated with what’s new. In these next weeks to come, we will provide you with posts and stories that we have gathered throughout the year, as well as the new and upcoming projects. 

Thank you for your patience. We are excited to go on this new journey with you.

– Where Borders Meet

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